The Warthog by Chris Linton at OKT is an amazing knife in the hand. Great EDC size. This can easily do what you need it to do. I strongly suggest ANY knife from Chris. They will not disappoint.

Eric S.

Great knife

Excellent design for this multi purpose edc. What is even more impressive is the craftsmanship and attention to detail. This is an amazing knife that beautiful and functional.

Michael S.

Vildmark ROCKS!

The Vildmark is an amazing knife. Buy one! you wont regret it. Chris is an amazing person and knife maker!

Eric S.

Nailed it with this knife!

Nailed it with this knife! Great feel, balance, shape of both handle and blade.

Michael M.

Incredibly sturdy and well crafted.

Incredibly sturdy and well crafted. Would definitely recommend

Beau C.

So Sharp!

Love how sharp this blade is! Also one of the most well shaped handles as well! Looking forward to the next one!

Anthony F.

Beautiful knife

The Ghost Jade G10 with the cherry red liner is stunning. Looks very nice with the contrast of the black blade. Fit and finish are excellent. will buy more in future.

Robert A.

Vildmark - Ironwood Burl = Excellent

The Vildmark is a great design. It's comfortable in the hand and a good size. As with all of Chris's knives, the grind is clean and the edge extremely sharp. The Ironwood burl on this particular knife is just absolutely gorgeous.

Robbie B.

My first, but not my last OKT

This was the first OKT I saw while searching for a mid-size (~3.5” blade) fixed blade. The minute I saw it, I knew I had to have one. That feeling was further cemented after reading several exclusively rave reviews. It hasn’t disappointed. From the overall design (like another fan, I, too, could look at the Warthog and the related - larger - Razorback pattern all day long) to the beautifully hammered flats, to the contouring of the handle (palm swell and perfectly placed and sized finger groove), from the tall blade that tapers down to a thin edge to the perfect fit and finish (as is the case with all OKTs, the transitions between the blade, scales and liners is smooth and impossible to feel even with the most discerning touch) and its feather-like weight, this is a stellar knife that will forever be a favorite. For those looking to try their first OKT, this is a great place to start. Just be prepared to want more of them.